Ask The Werewolves (Mature)
On their first night together, Blackbird bites Duran, her new boyfriend, and turns him into a werewolf. The world around them begins to spin a little faster as they get to know each other (and themselves), while dodging the more dangerous things lurking in the streets of Midnight, California, in this continuation of the popular Q&A blog.

El Indon (General)
In a world where a person's Trade is their own magical power, Patch and Ashley are two pilgrims, waylaid on their trek to the holy city of El Indon. In trying to pick up the pieces of what happened, they become watched and wanted, in this darker fantasy of intrigue and suspense.

FoxMeGently (Adult)
Rosa, a four-foot-zero vixen and professional escort, uses an app called FoxMeGently to reach her clients and show them a good time.

Patreon Packs (Adult)
Collections of wallpapers, sketch commissions, and audience Q&As, from past years on Patreon.