JAIYANDT ("giant"), LLC is a company founded and one-man-operated by the comic artist, illustrator, and sometime-cryptid JD Laclede. JD is the creator of multiple comic series, including the supernatural romantic comedy, Ask The Werewolves, and the darker fantasy, El Indon. JAIYANDT exists to facilitate the production of these creative worlds, and many others, so that the one-man-operation may become less arduous for him, and bear fruit for other artists.

JAIYANDT has two objectives:

1. to produce as many comic ideas as possible, to the highest possible quality, and
2. to provide a reliable avenue for fellow writers, illustrators, and other artists to join in.

Although it is, regrettably, another point in the spectrum of late-stage capitalism, JAIYANDT recognizes the inherent hostility in an employer-employee relationship, as well as the exploitative nature of a "gig economy," and aims to avoid the unhealthy, inhumane practices of other businesses - paradox though that may be. As such, it endeavors to keep the artistic operation small and uncomplicated, with as much accommodation for the creators as possible. Thus:

• JAIYANDT always pays a minimum of $1,000 per contract, regardless of scale.
• JAIYANDT offers creators both per-page rates and quarterly residuals.
• JAIYANDT allows creators to negotiate most (or all) of their terms, including rates and schedules.
• JAIYANDT will never pressure creators into accelerated, unhealthy work/life ratios to meet deadlines ("crunch" time).
• JAIYANDT provides credit for all participants on a project, no matter how small.

Through these principles and more, JAIYANDT hopes to be a stable and safe rock in the hideous churning rapids of the modern world, until the day that the pains of capitalism finally die, and the world can be made better without it.